Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mainframe Future

Before something, i would like to figure the well-known comments from technology writer Stewart Alsop – “I predict that the last mainframe will be unplugged on 15 March 1996.” And in 2002, he admitted that he was wrong.
So whoever thinks that mainframe is available to meet Dinosaurs fate, they should think all over again.
I have of tough belief that there are lot good quality reasons like Reliability, Performance and safety which won’t let mainframe get vanished. Just for the fact, there are no virus threats EVER encountered in a mainframe.
Additionally, a lot actual world business data of Big Business Houses runs through mainframe. This data is being used in applications which have been developed and refined over decades with lot of cash and struggle invested. These application and code is successively condition and is meeting the business needs.
As of now, there are lots of resettlement projects going on to relocate platform from Mainframe to open systems but it is going to take number of years to transfer the code.
This migration involves a extreme cost of applications transfer & its testing and demands a new infrastructure development to support the same business objective which is being achieved by presented system without any hassle! Moreover, whatever the mainframe does, it does very well.
Modern applications like SAP which comes with high customer handling capability and consistency are absolutely a challenger to mainframe but I am pretty sure mainframe is going nowhere and it will rule the world for at least next 80 years.
Moreover there are some most recent developments also in Mainframe series computer. The
Latest mainframe computers developed by IBM  referred as zSeries computers are reliable, fast and suitable for more complex and sophisticated field like Medical and defense. As a recent fact, the upcoming technologies like Cloud computing are also looking towards mainframe for its enhancement and development to get robust base.


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