Friday, January 13, 2012


Engadget revealed last night that Shenzhen Huashi Upcoming Car-Parking Apparatus will start development of a 186 km extensive Tube Bus monitor at season's end.

That’s right: Tube Bus. Not Bus Tube. Tube Bus. I will not try and describe it because . . . well . . . it’s a bus . . . and a . . . tunnel . . . just check out the video:

Additionally unexpected about this is that it’s not a offer. This is actually going to be designed. This is both truly interesting and horrific all as well. Exciting to see an substitute transportation technique actually get designed, horrific because it is so far outside the general audience, it’s almost unattainable to think about it operating.

Will it work? Who knows. Such a element has never been tried before and actually creates the concept of CPT and City Gondolas seem logical and happy by assessment.

I’m not going to complete thinking on this yet because there can be really no point; it could be a masterstroke, it could be a catastrophe. I’m no bundle teller. There are, however, a few concerns I have:

Will people actually want to generate under this or will they prevent it like the plague?
When any sort of incident gradually happens within the bus (and any sort of incident will happen sometime), is certainly not the incident going to be greatly more disastrous for both individuals and drivers of the Tube Bus?
How does the Tube Bus deal with crossing points and turns? In reality, this is nothing more than a (very) brilliant right-of-way workaround. It does not, however, appear to relieve the junction and transforming concern which is at the primary of all right-of-way issues.
When individuals are within the Tube Bus, how do they see highway symptoms, quit signals and transforming signals?
When can I buy a ticket?


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