Friday, December 30, 2011

Santa’s Christmas Wish for the World

I know many of you have awesome Xmas cultures.  You have informed me about them in my blog!  (Yes, I do study everything that you create in my site
Well, I have a unique Xmas custom of my own too.  It is my yearly Xmas Wish for the World!
Would you like to explore my unique Xmas custom – my Xmas Wish?
Well, I am very fortunate.   I get to see the whole community.  I get to see many awesome elements.  Individuals have done such excellent achievements.
But, I see a lot of elements that create me a little sad too.  After all, bad elements do occur to excellent people through no mistake of their own.
I see those who are starving.  I see those who are injuring.  I see those who are frightened they will not have somewhere to stay.
This season I have obtained many messages from Parents and Men wanting help.
Yes, I see many elements that create me fortunate for all that I have.
And I see many elements that provide me trust.
What always gives me the most trust is the youth on the planet.  The children that Mrs. Claus, the elves, reindeer and I really like so much.  The children like you examining this.  The children who can create the community a better location for all.
You see, we are really excellent at generating toys and games and other Provides.  But, we just are not very excellent when it comes to other elements.  Like generating the community a better location.  That requires more than Santa’s miracle.
I think that is why we like generating toys and games.   It is the one element we can do to get individuals delighted.  Even if it is not as essential as discovering a treat for illness.  Or avoiding community starvation or war.  Or generating sure individuals have a rut to stay.  Those are elements men and women have to do!
So here are some elements we cannot do at the South Post that we are wanting for this Xmas.  We have been asking for these elements for years.  We trust maybe this is the season some of them will be granted:
Frosty the Snowman needs an end to around the world.  I do too. (It is very challenging to be a snowman when it is so heated after all!)
The elves wish they could create every kid on the planet secure and delighted.  I do too.
The reindeer wish people would quit injuring other individuals and creatures.  I do too.
Mrs. Claus needs that anyone could stay together in serenity and tranquility.  I do too.
And my Xmas Wish for the community this season will be the same as always:  “Merry Xmas to All and to all a Good Night!”
Now it is your convert.  What is your Xmas wish for the world?  Individuals all over the community will study your wish right here on my blog!  That is awesome and unique.
Just keep in mind, if you want to create a wish for a existing from me, then go to my “Email Santa claus Claus” website.
Merry Christmas!


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