Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Iran may have caught U.S. turn invisible drone by coughing its GPS

The CIA and the U.S. army may have a serious protection drawback to handle if an Iranian engineer's tale establishes to be real. Discussing to Religious Research Watch (CSM), he specific how a group of professionals from his nation affected into a U.S. spy drone's GPS gps as a way to take it. That's the same one the U.S. authorities believed has arrived in Iran's property in beginning November due to a crash.
The Iranian professionals evidently thought out that the RQ-170 Sentinel's lowest factor is its GPS by analyzing in the past fallen National drones again in October. Using this understanding, they developed a entice for one of the drones doing reconnaissance function in the country: "By placing disturbance [jamming] on the marketing marketing and sales communications, you power the chicken into automated. This is where the chicken sheds its mind," the professional says. The group then merely developed it to "land on its own where [they] desired it to." The professional claims that the whole procedure is as simple as coughing into a The search engines profile. The assault was eventually effective, major the unmanned car to area in Iran instead of its house platform in Afghanistan.
A 2003 research on GPS weeknesses indicates that the U.S. army has known about the issue for nearly a several years. If the RQ-170 in Iran's management was indeed affected, this implies the vulnerability is yet to be resolved. This isn't initially a U.S. drone's protection was compromised: again last season, movies sent by turn invisible drones to their surface management channels were intercepted by Iraqi insurgents. And captured, a computer malware had contaminated not one, but a whole fast of unmanned automobiles.


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