Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Muammar Gaddafi was born on 7 June 1942 in Qasr Abu Hadi, a rural agricultural area situated just outside Sirte. According to Gaddafi, his paternal grandfather, Abdessalam Bouminyar, fought in opposition to the Italian employment of Libya and died as the "first martyr in Khoms, in the first battle of 1911".
In 1990s, the association between Qaddafi and the West began to thaw. As Qaddafi faced a increasing danger from Islamists who contrasting his rule, he began to share propensity information with the British and American intelligence services. In 1994, Nelson Mandela influenced the Libyan leader to hand over the suspects from the Lockerbie bombing. It wasn't long before Qaddafi had mended relations with the West almost entirely.
When it came to his personal life, Gadhafi was best known for his famous staff of female bodyguards. The primary requirement for aspiring candidates, apart from being female, was that one ought to be a virgin. Some say that he demanded their sexual favors as well. Unlike usual bodyguards, these "special" bodyguards were always decked up, fair high heels and designer sunglasses.
Gadhafi had a "bulletproof" tent lacking which he would on no account travel. He always brought a bit of the desert with him, camping out in the world's capitals. The tent was apparently so heavy that it needed to be flown on a separate plane, wherever he travelled. It didn't stop with that; Gadhafi would often tether a camel or two outside the tent.
They were all, apparently, graduates of the Tripoli Women's Military Academy, an "elite" institution Gadhafi founded in 1979. Their everyday schedule seemingly was: waking up at 4:30am, 90 minutes of jogging and then classes, mostly centered on killing techniques. Most of them were experts in flying fighter jets and handtohand combats. They were all, reportedly, handpicked by Gadhafi himself. All of them took an oath to protect Gadhafi to the death  and refuse both marriage and sex.
Qaddafi was welcomed in Western capitals, and Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi counted him among his close friends. Qaddafi's son and heir evident, Seif alIslam Qaddafi, mixed with London's high society for several years. Many critics of the newborn friendship of Qaddafi and the West believed it was based on oil. In 2001, the United Nations eased sanctions on Libya, and foreign oil companies worked out rewarding new contracts to operate in Libya. The arrival of money to Libya made Gaddafi and his family and acquaintances even wealthier, and the disparity between the ruling family and the masses ever more apparent.
By his changing policies aiming to stand him out as an Arab leader, Gaddafi destabilized African countries, insulted Palestinian and Arab leaders, something that improved his negotiations with Israel. However, he did not support Sadam Hussein during the Gulf War of 1991.
Among his political “brilliant ideas” –apart from his Green Book, he tried to enter into an alliance with countries such as Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria or Marocco, in order to become leader of some United States of Africa.
Libya’s income from oil allowed him to carry out all kind of extravagances and interventions in neighbouring countries during the different Chadian wars.
On Thursday, October 20, Libyan officials announced the death of Muammar alQaddafi near his hometown of Surt. Early reports had conflicting accounts of his death, while some said he was killed in a gun battle, and others said he was targeted by a NATO aerial attack. Video circulated of Qaddafi's bloodied body being dragged around by fighters.
For months, Qaddafi and his family had been at large, whispered to be beating in the western part of the country, where they still had small pockets of support. As news of the former dictator's death spread, Libyans poured into the streets, celebrating the what many hailed as the culmination of their transformation.


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